These are the words of Guido D'Agostino, as colorful and charismatic a person as any characters he portrayed in his books. It was in one of those books, "The Barking of the Lonely Fox" that he immortalized "Fox Ledge", as the land around the natural spring later became known.

"Three miles in on a dirt road. In spring the wheels of the jeep sank in mud to the hubs. Winter in the snow piled in eight foot drifts across the road and it was days before the plow came through. No electricity. Water from a hand pump on a shallow well in use for almost a century. There was a view over the hills and along a valley that went on forever and three hundred acres of brush and timber and overgrown meadows bordering fifteen thousand acres of State Game Lands. The deer peered in through the windows and the porcupines chewed at the clapboards. Foxes barked to each other in a constant lament. Turkeys gobbled and startled grouse sounded like the the whirring of an airplane through the majestic hemlocks while down below in the stream that bisected the property, the meat of the speckled trout was a rosy pink and with a flavor to equal. There was that wonderful gushing spring down in the woods where my wife planted watercress, spent endless hours from the cares of fashion designing and farm problems, shifting stones, building little dams and varying the course of the water. Ice cold water that I eventually piped a half mile uphill to the farm....ramming its way upward, never stopping, winter summer, day and night for 30 years, supplying fresh clear water for the entire farm operation. I gravitated between the existence of a writer, construction man, farmer and trying to understand the people and nature of the country with which we had become involved. We worked. We hunted. We fished. We planned. The farm weaved itself into a pattern of the lives of everyone who knew us."

That was back in 1942, but the land and the spring have remain unchanged. It was two generations later when his great-nephew, who had the foresight to utilize the treasure that bubbled from that spring, made it marketable. Creating a spring water company from a pure natural spring proved to be the biggest challenge in years that lay ahead. Due to Guido and Helen D'Agostino, a legacy was given to the family and almost a decade later, an industry was created for all the public to enjoy.

Our Facility

The bottling of our pure, natural spring water takes place on-site at our production plant in Northeast Pennsylvania. The proximity of the bubbling spring and the bottling facility ensures top quality water for you. Like a well-oiled machine, our staff works the production line with maximum efficiency.

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bottling facility in Honesdale, PA
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